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GovNews is an attempt to bring all of the RSS feeds offered by U.S. politicians together in one place.

Unfortunately, many of these feeds are hidden on their sites and take a great deal of digging to find, but fortunately, they're here now. If you discover any problems with any of the feeds or with any functionality on the site, or if you simply have a question, please email webmaster AT polfeeds dot com. However, if a feed is simply empty, it's probably because the office that owns the feed hasn't placed any items in it.


Custom Feed Help

If you want to create a custom feed, simply go to the Custom RSS Feed page.

You'll be presented with two options. For the basic option, just select the types of items you'd like to see in your feeds. So, for example, you can pick videos from Democratic Senate campaigns, or press releases put out by Republican Presidential candidates. The basic option also allows you to view the items directly on the GovNe.ws site rather than getting an RSS feed.

The advanced option allows you to choose the specific feeds you want. Just check the boxes next to the feeds that interest you. Once you're done click the "Get Feed" button. Be sure to copy and paste the URL exactly or your feed may cease to work.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to access a particular person's feeds, just type his or her full name before GovNe.ws. For example, to see Ron Paul's feeds, just go to http://ronpaul.govne.ws
  • For any page you're on, the feed your browser finds will only be for the types of items shown on that page. So, for example, if you're on http://barackobama.govne.ws/videos, the RSS feed embedded in the page will be an RSS feed for all of Barack Obama's videos. If you're on the homepage, the feed will be for all of the feeds available on the site
  • If you're on a page and want the RSS feed (rather than just to see the items on GovNe.ws), your browser will detect it, but you can also just type "/rss" at the end of the URL in the address bar.
  • Events are never shown on the site or in a feed unless you specifically request them. Because the dates on events are in the future, they get placed in front of the other items, meaning that other items will never show up. If you want to include events in an RSS feed, I recommend that you just access each event feed individually
  • Sometimes duplicate items show up because they're placed in more than one feed, and there's no way (no good way anyway) for GovNe.ws to detect that.
  • On the Site, Democrats' headlines are blue, and Republicans' are red.
  • For some reason Flickr feeds won't give me information about who made the post, so the site doesn't show who posted it or color the headline based on the party.
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